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The GRAMFC has been established in 2004 as a multidisciplinary group and unifies since then a team of neuropsychologists, intensive care paediatricians, neuropaediatricians, Pedopsychiatre, Gyneco-obstetrician and specialists in signal processing.

The research of the Group of Research for the Multimodal Analysis of Cerebral Function (GRAMFC) of the CHU Amiens and the University of Picardie is centered on multimodal analysis of the cerebral dysfunction namely in newborns. To meet this goal it aims for development of tools allowing simultaneous analysis of modification in electric and local hemodynamic cerebral activity, under physiological (cerebral maturation) and pathological conditions (anoxic ischemia of the premature baby, neurological suffering of the preborn, convulsion and epilepsy of the child).  These frequent pathologies are the first cause for a handicap of children. Unfortunately we are particularly lack of adequate diagnostic tools for investigation of the cerebral function applicable painless at bedside of the child. This represents an important challenge for public health.

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