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authFullName_s : Anne Braun

Descriptive self-reporting survey of people with idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF) : similarities and comparisons with previous studies

Soafara Andrianome , René de Seze , Anne Braun , Brahim Selmaoui
Journal of Public Health, 2018, 26, pp.461-473. ⟨10.1007/s10389-017-0886-0⟩
Article dans une revue ineris-03170482v1
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Predicting the in vivo pulmonary toxicity induced by acute exposure to poorly soluble nanomaterials by using advanced in vitro methods

Thomas Loret , Françoise Rogerieux , Bénédicte Trouiller , Anne Braun , Christophe Egles , et al.
Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 2018, 15, pp.25. ⟨10.1186/s12989-018-0260-6⟩
Article dans une revue ineris-01863341v1

Low-level radiofrequency exposure to 900 MHz induces vasoconstriction in rats

Amandine Pelletier , Thi Cuc MAI , Anne Braun , Véronique Bach , René de Seze
Annual meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and the European BioElectromagnetics Association (BioEM 2021), Sep 2021, Ghent, Belgium
Communication dans un congrès ineris-03899855v1
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Low‐Level Radiofrequency Exposure Induces Vasoconstriction in Rats

Thi Cuc Mai , Anne Braun , Véronique Bach , Amandine Pelletier , René de Seze
Bioelectromagnetics, 2021, ⟨10.1002/bem.22350⟩
Article dans une revue ineris-03246969v1

One-step cross-genogroup multiplex RT-qPCR with an internal control system for the detection of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV)

Marc Hoferer , Anne Braun , Julia Skrypski , Sabine Bock , Sabine Thalheim , et al.
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGICAL METHODS, 2017, 247, pp.68-76. ⟨10.1016/j.jviromet.2017.05.015⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03548807v1
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Air-liquid interface exposure to aerosols of poorly soluble nanomaterials induces different biological activation levels compared to exposure to suspensions

Thomas Loret , Emmanuel Peyret , Marielle Dubreuil , Olivier Aguerre-Chariol , Christophe Bressot , et al.
Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 2016, 13, 58. ⟨10.1186/s12989-016-0171-3⟩
Article dans une revue ineris-01863163v1

Creation of a bovine herpes virus 1 (BoHV-1) quantitative particle standard by transmission electron microscopy and comparison with established standards for use in real-time PCR

Marc Hoferer , Anne Braun , Reinhard Sting
Biologicals, 2017, 48, pp.121-125. ⟨10.1016/j.biologicals.2017.03.007⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03548808v1

Collaborative platform for respiratory route toxicology and exposure to electromagnetic fields

Julie Peiffer , Anne Braun , Ghislaine Lacroix , René de Seze , Emmanuel Peyret , et al.
14. FELASA Congress, Jun 2019, Prague, Czech Republic
Communication dans un congrès ineris-03229558v1

Predicting toxic effects observed in vivo after acute exposure to poorly soluble and inhalable nanomaterials by using more complex in vitro models

Thomas Loret , Emmanuel Peyret , Marielle Dubreuil , Olivier Aguerre-Chariol , Christophe Bressot , et al.
5. International Conference Nanosafe "Health and safety issues related to nanomaterials for a socially responsible approach", Nov 2016, Grenoble, France. pp.132
Communication dans un congrès ineris-01854342v1

Optimization of reference gene panels for gene expression analysis in preclinical models of inflammatory skin diseases

Anne Braun , Tanya Sezin , Siegfried Bezdek , Iosifina Doxastaki , Detlef Zillikens , et al.
Experimental Dermatology, 2019, 28 (8), pp.985-988. ⟨10.1111/exd.13989⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03548806v1
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Effect of non-thermal radiofrequency on body temperature in mice

Thi Cuc Mai , Stéphane Delanaud , Véronique Bach , Anne Braun , Amandine Pelletier , et al.
Scientific Reports, 2020, 10, pp.5724. ⟨10.1038/s41598-020-62789-z⟩
Article dans une revue ineris-03230214v1
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Oxidative stress pathways involved in cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles on cells constitutive of alveolo-capillary barrier in vitro

Maité Hanot-Roy , Emilie Tubeuf , Ariane Guilbert , Anne Bado-Nilles , Pascale Vigneron , et al.
Toxicology in Vitro, 2016, 33, pp.125-135. ⟨10.1016/j.tiv.2016.01.013⟩
Article dans une revue ineris-01862936v2

A study to assess the ability of different in vitro exposure models to predict in vivo pulmonary adverse effects

Thomas Loret , Emmanuel Peyret , Bénédicte Trouiller , Anne Braun , Christophe Egles , et al.
8th International Nanotoxicology Conference (nanoTOX 2016), Jun 2016, Boston, United States. pp.183
Communication dans un congrès ineris-01854721v1

BP180-specific IgG is associated with skin adverse events, therapy response, and overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors

Omar Hasan Ali , David Bomze , Sandra S. Ring , Fiamma Berner , Mirjam Fassler , et al.
Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology, 2020, 82 (4), pp.854-861. ⟨10.1016/j.jaad.2019.08.045⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03548805v1